Angélique Labour

Format : 32 x 24 cm

Medium : Fine marker on paper

Creation date : 2019

Framing : None

Warranty : Sell with a certificate of authenticity


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About Angélique

Angélique Labour was born in Mauritius in 1995. While she was raised in a family where there was no artist, she developed an interest in drawing and painting at a young age. She pursued her studies in interior designer and started working in 2016.

In her art, Angélique draws her inspiration from the grace and shapes of women’s bodies and in the fine lines and purity of women’s faces. She admires the artistry of the well-known artist Frida Kahlo, and of some artists from the 21st century like Alejandra Hernandez and Aliza Nisenbaum. 

Angélique wishes to create paintings that are not focused on being beautiful or easy on the eyes, but something deeper that everyone can relate to. She would like people to connect to her creations by recognizing themselves in it or identify a moment of their lives and think “I am not alone”.