What does your art bring to you?

My art brings me the freedom to express myself when I feel I have a message to share and hopefully that feeling is something shared with people seeing it.

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

Any piece by Banksy, his unique approach to art and social commentary is something I feel more artists should be striving for.

What are your inspirations?

Music is my driving force, Rap and Hip-Hop more specifically. It’s riddled with millions of gems that spark a creative drive in me that gives me my own special perspective on everything I do.

What are your dreams?

I wish that artists all over the world get recognized for what they’re worth, and can turn their passion into a career. I’m working on something that could lead to that and if it pans out, I’ll feel accomplished.

What is your favourite quote?

Whatever you are, be good one!