Aurelia & Kim

What is your favourite project that you worked on at Lakaz d’Art?

Aurélia: Working with the African Leadership University in their previous office space in Beau Plan, and at their campus in Mauritius and Rwanda.

Kim: The design and delivery of the “Hack your creative mind” workshop. I learned a great deal in the process and facilitating it was a wonderful experience.

Best part of working at Lakaz d’Art? 

Aurélia:  Best part of working at Lakaz d’Art? Meeting all the different artists and being able to be part of super creative and fun projects.

Kim: Being able to tap into my creative self and engaging with so many different local artists.

What is your vision / a project you would like to work on in the future? 

Aurélia: Still creating opportunities for the creative community of Mauritius.

Kim: Creating some kind of creative lab that could blend creativity from different fields and incubate new ideas.