Baba Gaïa

What does your art bring to you?

Art brings me a certain peace of mind. This is what helps me get away from it all. Exploring my creativity, testing new things… Creating makes me feel free.

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

I would love to have the opportunity to go to a Henri Rousseau exhibition.

When I started drawing, I had never really done research on artistic universes close to mine. I only did what I liked.

Subsequently, after one of my first exhibitions, I had the opportunity to discuss with a few people who introduced me to the work of “Douanier Rousseau”. I immediately fell in love with it. He is considered one of the major representatives of naive art.

It happens at times for me to feel the syndrome of the impostor… So realizing that my childish universe (not necessarily respecting the rules of perspective, dimensions and realism) could be my strength, made me the greatest good.

What are your inspirations?

Plants mostly, their texture, their shapes. I love looking at the complex patterns of each leaf, the color associations that we find in nature. For a long time I found gardening too difficult; drawing plants was therefore my first step towards the life of “Plant Mom”!
I also love watching the work of other artists, and not necessarily in a style that I like. For me, the real inspiration also comes from there: to understand how, in an individual style, colors, shapes, supports and techniques are used.

What are your dreams?

I don’t really have a well-defined dream. I have a changeable character, and my desires change with him! Obviously, I want to continue working on projects as varied as the ones I’m on right now. I’ve been thinking about creating a coloring book and linens like cushions, table runners, etc. for a few years now. But I always let myself be surprised by the new project proposals that are made to me.

What is your favourite quote?

First, they laugh, then they copy.