What does your art bring to you?

My art brings me adventures to play in my head. It has always been about play in my head. That little voice that pushes you to your edge. I wanted to create roles, scenarios through my illustrations. Each illustration blends in their nature and I always want to leave messages to interpret and illusion to mess with people’s perceptions.

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

I would love to see my ‘Floating golden woman’ and ‘Ms Louba under sea’ being out there, presenting themselves to the audience. It grows into you to learn what it means.

What are your inspirations?

My inspiration is my curse. I don’t claim its negativity but interpret my work from my nightmares, my visions, my thoughts and give life to them. At times maybe they might be just slight visual images or distant memories from a situation but then it crawls into my brain and stays there. There are some artworks that are too triggering for me and I am still processing them by the time this is written, hopefully, one day they can come to life too and people can understand me more.

What are your dreams?

Dream is yet something to come and manifesting it creates the world it will set its foot in. My vision is to one day make it through and fight all my demons to be better understood. Give subtle direction to the ONE, through my art pieces.

What is your favourite quote?

My motto is “Do not take life so seriously but know your worth”.