Nadine Montille

What does your art bring to you?

 I am always drawn to nature, in particular plants and foliage. They act as inspiration for the central theme of my artworks—plants for their wide varieties and foliage for their masses and intricate characteristics.

Art definitely creates an escape from reality, and it allows me to create my own sanctuary, which I portray by depicting a collection of lush plants with broad tropical leaves and inspiring shapes. As usual, I am drawn to strong colours and interesting organic shapes. Paintings in my collection are in oil and acrylics with a colourful and distinct palette. I also create digital illustrations inspired by nature for merchandise or products such as pillow throws, prints, postcards…etc. 

What artwork would you like to see in real life?

I had the chance to see some famous paintings in person at the Louvre and the Tate museums. However, there is a particular series I would like to see among others: The Waterlilies of Monet. 

A series of paintings that demonstrate his extraordinary skill at Plein-air painting, his feeling for colour and his appreciation of light. In a letter, Monet described how he had planted the water lilies for fun – he had never intended painting them. However, once they established themselves, they almost became his only source of inspiration. 

What are your inspirations?

Inspired by the boundless colours unique to the tropical traits of the South East Asian region, my compositions represent a deep understanding of the natural world and awe of its unpredictable flow. I incorporate bold, somewhat delicate shapes of intuitive abstraction in my work. The natural complexity of colours leads to a dreamy organic composition of feminine perspective, both lush and abundant. I have developed a sensitive approach to emotions, value and context. My foliage compositions are always focused on structure, with a unique palette, embracing her emotional sense rather than literal reproduction of nature. I invite the audience to reconnect with nature and embrace its healing powers.

What are your dreams?

My dream is to continue to paint on a daily basis. I would love to work on large pieces, covering spaces with my foliage art and be seen by a wider audience. I would like to have a studio that will allow me to conduct workshops and make art accessible to everyone. I would also like to earn a passive income by licensing my art to companies for merchandise.

What is your favourite quote?

If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere, Vincent Van Gogh.

This really encapsulates my own love of nature and has inspired my creative process.

I sought to find a refuge in my art, and my depictions of foliage and greenery brought a sense of quietude, tranquillity and even healing during these worrying times.