Lutfiyah Nanhuck

Format : 80 x 100 cm

Medium : Oil and acrylic on canvas

Creation date : 2019

Framing : None

Warranty : Sell with a certificate of authenticity


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About Lutfiyah

Lutfiyah Nanhuck is a contemporary artist born and raised in Mauritius. She studied languages and art in secondary school. In 2018, she graduated from the University of Mauritius with a degree of Bachelor of Law.

Living a lush island, Lutfiyah draws her inspiration from nature and explores how it is connected with human emotions. She paints intuitively and she constantly attempts to capture the emotions of nature as well as her own. Her work portrays abstract-almost imaginary- landscapes and seascapes.

Her paintings drive away from realism in order to focus on the energy and emotion of her natural surroundings. Her process and result are best described as a lyrical journey to explore and connect with the deeper energies inherent in nature.