Format : 60 x 60 cm

Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Creation date : 2019

Framing : None

Warranty : Sell with a certificate of authenticity


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About Fabrarts

Throughout her learning as a Fine Arts student, Sandrine Fabre has always been attracted to figurative art and realism. During the final year of her degree, she discovered “Experimental studio”, which led her to experiment with different media and materials.

As an artist, she immerses herself in both styles, depending on her mood. When painting waves and seascapes, the contrast of light and shade becomes an obsession for her and she tends to exaggerate to create a dramatic effect, like the chiaroscuro in Rembrandt’s or Caravaggio’s paintings. Though the waves are quite organic in shape and allow some spontaneity, Sandrine Fabre tries to stay close to reality. For her nonfigurative pieces, it is very different, and the material takes over the path and the process.

Acrylic is and has always been her preferred medium, and painting and pouring are the techniques she uses to express herself.