The Space of Harem


Format : 42 x 59 cm

Medium : Photography print on paper

Creation date : 2017

Framing : none

Warranty : Sell with a certificate of authenticity


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Amina Alaoui Soulimani is a photographer from Morocco.

She has found her early inspirations in the streets of Rabat, experiencing with Architectural photography but soon got interested in the intriguing emotionality that bodies and senses co-create in interactive and isolated spaces, following an amalgam of unwritten rules and social practices.

Thirsty for the untold stories, Amina hunts for the silent and vibrant ones which are often dismissed in the hierarchy of noise.

Using a Fujifilm camera to capture the commonalities in experiences between various localities, Amina’s most significant inspiration is the human relationship that develops between the photographer and photographed, the unfiltered moments that give birth to empathy, a friendship, or even just a duchenne smile!